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If you own an aircraft, the experienced staff at North Central Aviation are here to serve your aircraft management needs. We are not a one-size fits all company. North Central Aviation professionals will tailor our services to meet your specific requests. If you are thinking of purchasing an aircraft, we can help you find the best aircraft to fit your mission. We will negotiate hangar arrangements, insurance, maintenance, training, and fuel on your behalf to minimize your ownership costs.

We pride ourselves on developing quality, personal relationships with our clients. This allows us to anticipate our customers’ needs and provide the best service possible. Our clients have peace of mind that their aircraft is maintained and operated to the highest safety standards.

Contact us today for your management needs!

Contact us today for your management needs!


The North Central Aviation Maintenance Department is located at the Anoka County Airport in Blaine, MN​. Our FAA certified crew are available to offer support to both transient and KANE based aircraft.

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Located at the Anoka County-Blaine Airport, our detailing services are shaped entirely around your aircraft’s specific needs. We provide customized solutions for all clients in the Twin Cities metro area. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you, your pilots, and any guests will step onto a spotless aircraft.

Post-flight wipe down of hot spots designed to keep a clean aircraft, clean. Cockpit dusted, glass and screens cleaned, tables and woodwork wiped, seats cleaned and reset, carpet vacuumed, spot stain removal, and galley and lavatory sanitized. Nose, glass, leading edges, top of wings, engines, tail cone, and landing gear are addressed.

Each and every surface is meticulously cleaned. Each instrument in the cockpit is carefully dusted. All nooks and crannies are vacuumed. Tables and storage areas addressed. Lights and vents are cleaned. Seats are cleaned and reset. Stain removal. Lavatory, sinks, and countertops sanitized.

All carpet is vacuumed and stains are pre-treated. Cold-water extraction removes embedded dirt and stains. Hot water extraction is available upon request.

Removes embedded dirt to give the leather a like-new appearance. For original leather only.

Cleaning of all exterior surfaces to remove contamination. All soot, carbon buildup, oil, dirt, and bugs are removed from the surface with a degreaser and finished with a detailing spray. A belly degrease may be required with an additional charge.

All painted surfaces are cleaned to remove soot, carbon buildup, oil, dirt, and bugs. A liquid polymer is applied by hand and buffed to a shine. Polymer protects against UV radiation and creates a hydrophobic barrier. It provides up to 2-4 months of protection with proper maintenance.

Restores paint to an almost like-new appearance. Surface imperfections such as light scratches, oxidation, swirls, marring, and etchings are removed. Aircraft paint will reveal a brilliant shine with the option of applying a polymer sealant or ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings have a 24-hour curing time.

Coatings create an extreme hydrophobic barrier and provide the best UV protection. This coating can last 5+ years with proper maintenance. No waxing is required. Paint correction is required for chemical bonding.

A multi-step process to remove oxidation and scratches from aluminum. It helps prevent corrosion while leaving a clean, mirror-like finish. Leading edges, thrust reversers, engine inlets, horizontal and vertical stabilizers are included. Window, panel, and light surroundings are an additional charge.

Removes previous boot treatment and reconditions boots with Age Master. Sealant and IceX-II can be applied with additional charges. Age Master has a 24-hour curing time. Only for Goodrich Neoprene boots.

Dry, deep cleaning of all accessible areas in gear wells and landing gear. A polymer sealant is applied to protect painted surfaces.

Removes surface contamination from the belly of the aircraft. Paint correction may be required at an additional charge to remove staining.

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