Located at the Anoka County-Blaine Airport, our detailing services are shaped entirely around your aircraft’s specific needs. We provide customized solutions for all clients in the Twin Cities metro area. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you, your pilots, and any guests will step onto a spotless aircraft.

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Helps upkeep the aircraft between planned detailing services.
Interior: Windows, tables, woodwork, seats reset, vacuum, stairs.
Exterior: Nose, windows, leading edges, wheels.

Window, tables, woodwork, seats reset, galley, lavatory, vacuum, stairs.

Extensive cleaning of interior surfaces. Cockpit, windows, tables, side panels, basic seat cleaning, galley, lavatory, vacuum, stairs.
Carpet extraction additional service.

Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution applied by an electrostatic sprayer to sanitize soft surfaces and disinfect hard surfaces. Flight deck manually serviced by spray and wipe application. Electrical components avoided.

Removes embedded dirt from leather seats and finished with a leather protectant application.

Extensive spot treatment on carpet, vinyl, upholstery, and leather.

Reduces embedded stains with aircraft-safe carpet cleaner and hot-water extraction.

Removes surface contamination from paint on the fuselage, tail, and wings.

Fuselage, tail, and wings washed and rinsed with deionized water.
This service is limited to certain locations due to EPA regulations and airport restrictions.

A hydrophobic paint protectant designed to repel dirt, contaminants, UV radiation, and pollution.

Removes deeply ingrained contamination from paint.
Recommended before any buffing or polishing.

Surface imperfections such as light scratches, oxidation, swirls, and etching are reduced on the fuselage, tail, and wings to enhance the paint’s shine.
Recommended once a year.

Removes heavy oxidation build up on the fuselage, tail, and wings.
Recommended if the paint has not been polished within the last year.

Dry, extensive cleaning of accessible areas in the gear wells and struts.

Reduces oxidation, scratching, water spots, and swirls from aluminum surfaces. Helps prevent corrosion and leaves a mirror-like finish.

Ice adhesion inhibitor. This coating enhances deice boot performance by lowering the adhesion strength between ice and the surface of deice boots. Recommended a minimum of every 50 flight-hours during icing season.

Age Master offers protection from weather, ozone, and UV rays, which helps extend the useful life and performance of deice boots. The rubber preservative soaks into the rubber rather than coating the boot surface.
Recommended every six months. Age Master requires a 24-hour cure time.

Deice boot coating to maintain a like-new appearance. Previous treatments stripped prior to application.
Recommended as needed, two to three times per year.

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