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Located at the Anoka County-Blaine Airport (ANE), our detailing services are shaped entirely around your aircraft’s specific needs. We provide customized solutions for all clients in the Twin Cities metro area. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you, your pilots, and any guests will step onto a spotless aircraft.

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What is Aircraft Detailing?

Aircraft detailing is the process of restoring, maintaining, and  protecting interior and exterior surfaces on aircraft to prolong the appearance, value, and functionality of aircraft. Specialized  knowledge is required to prevent damage to different surfaces and flight instruments.

Protecting Your Investment

Protecting interior and exterior surfaces prolongs the life of the aircraft. A clean aircraft allows for more accurate inspections and helps identify potential issues early. Our aircraft detailers are trained to identify and report any unusual, broken, or missing parts found while detailing aircraft.

Prevent Corrosion

Regular detailing prevents corrosion on painted surfaces. When paint oxidizes, it dries out and loses its protective properties. The  compromised paint layer can expose the underlying aluminum,  leading to corrosion. Repairs can be costly and ground the aircraft for an unknown amount of time.

Mirror-Like Finish

The polished metal surfaces are both corrosion preventatives and  aesthetically pleasing. Oxidation and environmental contamination can corrode aluminum. Corrosion compromises aluminum by  weakening the metal. Regularly polishing brightwork removes  oxidation and contamination to leave a mirror-like finish.

Increased De-icer Performance

Ice adhesion increases with surface  roughness. With proper maintenance, de-ice boots remain  conditioned and smooth to increase de-icer performance. We offer  a silicone-based product to lower the adhesion strength between ice and de-icer surfaces to allow ice to shed more easily.

Maintain the Aircraft’s Value

A well-maintained aircraft can lead to a higher price on the resale market due to its pristine condition.

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Interior Care and Maintenance

Specific chemicals and cleaning procedures are necessary to  safely clean and maintain interior surfaces. Special care is  needed  for acrylic and pressurized windows. A properly cleaned  cockpit is essential to reduce the risk of equipment malfunctions. Leather needs to be regularly maintained to prolong its life and  appearance. Frequent vacuuming prevents dirt from becoming  embedded into the carpet. Full carpet extraction requires a specific pH and drying procedures to prevent mold. This is a sample of  surfaces to maintain. Properly trained aircraft detailers know how  to safely clean aircraft interiors.

Aircraft Detailing by North Central Aviation

North Central Aviation personalizes our aircraft detailing services to each customer’s specific needs. We research chemicals, procedures, and practices to ensure the safety of your aircraft. What we lack in size, we make up for in our knowledge and attention to detail.

Interior and Exterior

Airplane Detailing Services Provided:

Quick cleaning of the cabin. Windows, tables, seats reset, galley, lavatory, and vacuum.

Extensive cleaning and vacuuming of interior surfaces. Where applicable: Windows, tables, headliner, side panels, basic seat cleaning and protectant, galley, lavatory, and stairs.

Extensive cleaning of the cockpit. Special attention to flight controls, switches, and flight displays.

For pigmented leather only. Removes embedded dirt from leather seats. Leather is treated with a UV protectant.

Revitalizes floor carpet by removing embedded dirt and stains. The carpet is cleaned with an aircraft-safe carpet cleaner and water extraction. Carpet is neutralized with a pH rinse.

A spray on and wipe off procedure to remove surface contamination from paint on the fuselage, tail, and wings. Windows, leading edges, and wheel cleaning included.

A chemically bonded, hydrophobic paint coating designed specifically for aircraft. Protects the surface from chemical and UV degradation. This coating has anti-static properties and adds shine.

A hydrophobic paint protectant designed to repel dirt, contaminants, UV radiation, and pollution. Estimated 3-6 months protection, varies based on flight hours and conditions. Aircraft is wet or dry washed prior to application.

Two-step process on the fuselage, tail, and wings to enhance paint shine. The first step removes heavy oxidation buildup.  The second step reduces surface imperfections such as light scratches, swirls, and contamination etching.

The water-based wash cleans the fuselage, wings, and tail with a high-volume of deionized water and an aircraft-safe cleaner. Windows, leading edges, and wheel cleaning included. This service is limited to certain locations due to EPA regulations and airport restrictions.

Goodrich de-ice boots high-luster cosmetic treatment. De-icer surfaces are cleaned with ShineMaster® Prep to remove dirt, grease, oil, silicone products, and other contamination. Recommended 2-3x per year, or as desired.

Ice adhesion inhibitor. This coating enhances de-ice boot performance by lowering the adhesion strength between ice and the surface of de-ice boots. Recommended a minimum of every 50 flight-hours during icing season.

A resin coating designed to protect paint from harmful environmental elements such as rain erosion, chemicals, pollution, UV rays, acid rain, bird and insect waste. Free of Teflon® and silicon, contains anti-static properties, and creates a depth of shine and gross greater than new paint coatings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should aircraft be detailed?

Each aircraft varies based on location, flight time, and flight  conditions. We can customize a detailing schedule to restore,  maintain, and protect your aircraft. We will never recommend any  unnecessary services.

How long does an aircraft detailing session take?

Services can be as short as an hour or as long as a month.  Factors include aircraft size, condition, services, location, and availability.

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Aircraft detailing is an essential service to ensure the longevity of your airplane. By choosing North Central Aviation Detailing, you will have a clean and well-maintained aircraft to enhance you and your passengers’ experience.

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